Welcome to ISMGU (International Symposium and Workshop Medical Genetic Update) 2024

Reports of congenital anomalies in newborns in Indonesia are increasing. The causes of these anomalies should be investigated for prevention. This condition is often overlooked by health workers due to ignorance and inadequate of examination and diagnosis facilities in accordance with scientific development. The discovery of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in 2006 enables scientists to establish the diagnosis especially in rare disease and cancer.

Universitas YARSI is a renowned private university in Jakarta. YARSI has employed networks of international and national lecturers, won competitive grants in genomic and biomedical sciences. YARSI Genomic Facility has run two NextGen Sequencing platforms (both short and longreads supported by Illumina and Oxford Nanopore, respectively) to support training of graduate students in Genetic Counseling Master Program of Biomedical Sciences.

In connection with the development of genomic and genomic diagnosis facilities, Universitas YARSI will hold The 1st International Symposium and Workshop “Medical Genetics Update: From Genomic to Clinic” on May 16-18, 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia in collaboration with several human genetics experts from abroad (Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt and Tunisia). This activity is a forum for researchers to present the latest research results, to discuss, to improve participants’ knowledge and skills in the health sector, especially in the fields of genetics at the cellular stage, molecular biology, genomics, clinical genetics, cancer, metabolic diseases and infectious diseases.

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission:
February 1 – May 4, 2024

Early Bird Registration:
February 1, – May 4, 2024

Announcement of accepted abstract:
April 25, 2024 (1st Phase) and May 9, 2024 (2nd Phase)

May 16, 2024

May 17 – 18, 2024

Information of the event:

Master Program of Biomedical Science of Postgraduate School and Faculty of Medicine Universitas YARSI


“Medical Genetics Update: From Genomic to Clinic”

Important Dates:
  1. Abstract Submission : 1 February 2024 – 4 May 2024
  2. Early Bird Registration : 1 February 2024 – 4 May 2024
  3. Announcement of accepted abstract : 25 April 2024 (1st Phase) dan 9 May 2024 (2nd Phase)
  4. Workshop : 16 May 2024
  5. Symposium : 17-18 May 2024
  1. Symposium
  2. Dry Workshop
  3. Oral and Poster Presentation
  • Workshop: Level 11, Workshop Room, Universitas YARSI
  • Symposium: Level 12, Auditorium Ar Rahim, Universitas YARSI YARSI Tower, Jl. Letjend. Suprapto, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta 10510